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You better get a lawyer Victoria’s forest biodiversity. You’re gonna need a real good one!

Threatened Victorian forest-dependent species may soon find themselves with almost no legal protection from logging, outside of the state’s national parks and conservation reserves, if the State Government goes ahead with proposed changes to the Code of Practice for Timber … Continue reading

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Another Rchievement of the day

Time for another Rchievement of the day. This is a neat little example demonstrating the power of control flow (type ?Control in R to find out more). But perhaps a not-so obvious way of using it. So what does this … Continue reading

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Rchievement of the day

Today ‘rjags’ was annoying me. The function ‘update.jags’ was (without asking me) disabling the progress bar when I was running R non-interactively. It was annoying, as I was sending R output to a log file in my dropbox, and having … Continue reading

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