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Big trees grow faster, sequester more carbon

A few years ago, I spent a lovely week in Fort Collins, Colorado. Two great things came out of my time there. First, I was introduced to one of my all-time favourite beers, Fat Tire Amber Ale. Yum. While Fat … Continue reading

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Profiting from pilot studies

I graduated with a Masters of Philosophy at the University Melbourne earlier this year. And the first paper to come out of that work, to paraphrase Lil’ Wayne, has just “dropped like it’s hot”. In our new paper (in early … Continue reading

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Probably the best PhD I’ll ever do

I have done three interesting things in the past couple of months. I graduated from my Masters degree (stay tuned for the papers), moved from Melbourne, Australia to New York City, USA (don’t worry I’ll be back soon enough… maybe), … Continue reading

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Rchievement of the day #3: Bloggin’ from R

I have become a complete knitr addict of late and have been using it in combination with RStudio’s R markdown support on a regular basis. In fact I wrote this post using it! It then dawned on me how great it would be if I … Continue reading

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My first paper

After almost a year of blogging and five posts I’ve yet to write something about any of my publications. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) I’ve only authored four papers so I can start at the beginning. Here goes. My first paper, … Continue reading

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Does your flora and fauna come with a warranty?

My good law-abiding friends at the Environmental Defenders Office have recently released a report on the implementation and enforcement of Victoria’s Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. The FFG is the principal piece of legislation dealing with biodiversity conservation and threatened … Continue reading

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You better get a lawyer Victoria’s forest biodiversity. You’re gonna need a real good one!

Threatened Victorian forest-dependent species may soon find themselves with almost no legal protection from logging, outside of the state’s national parks and conservation reserves, if the State Government goes ahead with proposed changes to the Code of Practice for Timber … Continue reading

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