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William K. Morris

Hello internet. I’m a PhD student with the Quantitative & Applied Ecology Group in the School of Botany, University of Melbourne. What’s that internet? You’d like to know more? Sure thing! I guess it all started when I was five… Oh, skip to the interesting bit you say. What makes you think there’ll be an interesting bit? Oh I see, you don’t, you’re just waiting for a youtube video of a cat to buffer and haven’t got anything better to do in the meantime. Right, well I’ll précis it for you then. I started out in this crazy old world of ecology as an old school field botanist who flirted with taxonomy and systematics at the University of Melbourne. I finished my BSc at Monash Uni and did my Honours working on the ecophysiology of rainforest trees of New Caledonia. After my triumphant return to UniMelb to work for Pete “Gumbo” Vesk, I discovered that going outside is for monkeys and that real science is done sitting on your arse in front of a coffee beer computer. What? The cat is at 90%! Right I’ll get on with it then. Things I’m interested in: Bayesian stats, decision theory , vegetation science and management, forest ecology, statistical computing. People I work with/for: Dr. Peter Vesk, Dr. Michael McCarthy, Dr. Hugh Possingham, Dr. Mike Runge, Dr. Libby Rumpff, Dr. Cindy Hauser, Dr. Jane Elith, Dr. Patrick Baker, Dr Richard Condit, Dr. Brendan Wintle, Dr. Laura Pollock, Dr. Reid Tingley, Dr. David Duncan, Christopher Jones, John Baumgartner & James Camac. Done. Bye internet, have fun with your cat, Y’all come back real soon now.

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